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Tailwind Tribes Power Ups

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A Tailwind Tribe is an online community made up of bloggers and influencers sharing content in a similar niche. You share your blog posts to the Tribe and if your Tribemates like your content, they'll share it to their Pinterest Boards for their audience to see.


Vice versa, you can discover new content from your Tribemates to pin to your Pinterest Boards. This collaborative marketing strategy is exclusive to Tailwind Tribes - and it works.

Let's say you have a vegan food blog. First, you'll find a Tribe in your niche made up of other food bloggers. 


Then you'll share your latest recipe to the Tribe. Because your recipe for avocado + black bean quesadillas🥑 looks amaaaazing, your Tribemates love your post and pin it to their Pinterest boards.

This increases the number of people who see that recipe. Their audience likes your recipe too! They click through to your post and re-pin it to their Pinterest boards.

Now imagine if you’d shared your recipe pin to 5 Tribes, 10, or even 20. The growth is exponential! 


You can also explore the Tribe for other plant based recipes to share with your audience on Pinterest. This adds value to your audience and helps out your Tribemates. Win-Win!

Tribes are libraries filled with valuable content you can pin to your Pinterest boards. If you’re using the Tailwind Scheduler you can fill up your queue in no time - keeping fresh content in front of your audience on Pinterest every day.


Tailwind Tribes have been invite-only in private beta since 2016. They just launched to the public last month and rolled out new plans.

  • Free Plan: Yes, they have an entirely free plan! The free plan of Tailwind Tribes allows access to 5 Tribes, and the submission of 30 pieces of content per month. You can Sign Up Here to get started
  • PowerUps: If you want more, you can add PowerUps, starting at $5 per month

The Pro plan includes access to 10 Tribes and 30 content submissions per month. From there, you can see the Max, Elite, and Unlimited Plan all include Unlimited Tribe Memberships. So the difference between those 3 will be the number of content submissions per month.

Keep in mind, if you submit one piece of content to 25 Tribes, that will count as 25 submissions. Two blog posts to 25 Tribes would be 50 content submissions and so on.

I started with the free plan on Tailwind Tribes. They are powerful and the results happen fast! I couldn't resist "Powering Up"😂 to the Unlimited Plan. I'll show you a real life example with one of my pins below so you can see why I don't want to limit my access or submissions on Tribes.

More Tribes = More people sharing your content on Pinterest = More blog traffic = More Email Subscribers, Sales, & Goal Crushing! 👩🏼‍💻📧💪🏻

With the public launch, Tribes are growing like crazy! There's even moresharing in the Tribes as new members join daily, and Re-Pins are going off the charts. This is great news for all of us looking to increase the reach of our pins on Pinterest, and ultimately grow our blog traffic.


Here’s how Tribes work:

You add pins of your blog posts to your Tribes, the same as you would add them to your your Pinterest Boards. 

If your Tribemates like your pin, they’ll pin it to their Pinterest Boards. That instantly gives your pin more exposure than if you'd only shared it to your own boards on Pinterest. 

Here’s a real life example: 

Recently I wrote a blog post about using Hashtags on Pinterest. I shared a pin linking to my blog post in several of my Tailwind Tribes.

This screenshot shows the pin in four different Tribes. The blue box on the bottom shows the Shares it received in each of those four Tribes.

In one Tribe this pin was shared 22 times. It has 5 shares in the next Tribe, 41 in another, and 6 in the last.


Since I have the Unlimited Tribes PowerUp, I went ahead and shared this pin to 22 of the Tribes I'm in. Here were the results from all 22 Tribes.


144 total Shares from Tailwind Tribes on one of my pins. That means my Tribemates shared my pin to 144 Pinterest Boards resulting in over a million potential impressions on Pinterest, leading to an additional 18 Re-Pins from their audience, on top of the 144.

If I were using the free version of Tribes, I'd have stopped sharing my pin at Tribe #5 which would have left me with 34 Shares instead of 144. Don't get me wrong - you definitely need to be using the free version of Tribes, at a minimum. 34 Shares is better than 0! But, if you can fit it in the budget - PowerUp!


Okay so how is sharing to Tribes different from just sharing your blog posts to your own Pinterest Boards? Check this out. Here are the results of pinning this pin directly to one of my own Pinterest Boards:


5 Shares. In less than a week, my blog post has gained 144 Shares exclusively from Tailwind Tribes, compared to 5 on my one Pinterest Board.

I'm one person sharing my pin on Pinterest. In Tribes, there are hundreds of people sharing my pin on Pinterest. 

Yes, Tribes PowerUps are worth it. 

And we’re just looking at one recent pin. In total since I joined Tailwind TribesI’ve received:

  • 1.2K Re-Shares: The number of times my Tribemates have shared my content on Pinterest
  • Resulting in 3.4K Re-Pins: The number of re-pins generated from all of the re-shares of my content
  • Increasing my potential reach to 10.7 Million: The potential impressions on Pinterest from the re-shares

...making Pinterest the number one source of traffic to my blog.


Have you ever paid for Promoted Pins? Facebook Ads? Google Ads? People pay for this kind of reach. With Tailwind Tribes, the exposure is organic and keeps growing over time - like a snowball effect. I'll login next week and see those numbers have continued to grow - and so will my blog traffic. 

So when people ask me why I purchased PowerUps instead of just using the free version of Tailwind Tribes, this is why.

  1. More Tribes = More people sharing your content on Pinterest = More traffic to your blog
  2. I save a ton of time discovering and scheduling fresh new content to share with my Pinterest Audience

If my Pinterest strategy didn’t include Tailwind Tribes, my results on Pinterest would be drastically limited. The value is unmatched on any other platform.

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The beginners guide to Pinterest Marketing. Did you know Pinterest is the 2nd highest source of all web referral traffic? Learn key strategies to grow your traffic, subscribers, & business with Pinterest! Enter your info below ⇣